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Miss World 2002 Azra Akin Turkey 1st runner up Natalia Peralta Colombia . 2nd runner up Marina Mora Peru . 3rd runner up Katrine Sorland Norway . 4th runner up Wu Ying-Na China . Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Contestants ALBANIA Anjeza Maja, 21 5'9" ALGERIA Lamia Saoudi, 22 6' AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDS Hailey Cagan ANGOLA Rosa Muxito, 21 5'9" ANTIGUA & BARBUDA Zara Razzaq ARGENTINA Tamara Henriksen 5'11" ARUBA Rachelle Oduber, 21 6'1" AUSTRALIA Nicole Gazal, 23 5'7" BAHAMAS T'Shura Ambrose, 25 5'7" BARBADOS Natalie Webb, 20 5'11" BELGIUM Sylvie Doclot, 22 5'9" BELIZE Karen Russell, 24 5'6" BOLIVIA Alejandra Montero, 17 5'7" BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA Daniela Vins, 17 5'9" BOTSWANA Lomaswati Dlamini, 20 5'7" BRAZIL Taisa Thomsen, 20 5'11" BULGARIA Desislava Guleva, 18 5'9" CANADA Lynsey Bennett, 22 5'8" CHILE Daniela Casanova, 22 5'10" CHINA Wu Ying-Na, 17 5'7" COLOMBIA Natalia Peralta, 21 5'9" CROATIA Nina Slamic, 18 5'10" CURACAO Ayannette Statia, 19 5'9" CYPRUS Angela Drousiotou, 21 5'8" CZECH REPUBLIC Katerina Smrzova, 23 5'11" ECUADOR Jessica Angulo 5'8" ENGLAND Danielle Luan, 21 5'8" ESTONIA Triin Sommer, 19 5'6" FINLAND Hanne Hynynen, 21 5'9" FRANCE Caroline Chamorand, 21 5'9" GHANA Shaida Buari, 20 6'2" GIBRALTAR Damaris Hollands, 21 5'6" GREECE Katerina Georgiadou, 21 5'10" GUYANA Odessa Phillips HOLLAND Elise Boulogne, 20 5'9" HONG KONG CHINA Victoria Jolly, 20 5'7" HUNGARY Renata Rosz, 21 5'10" INDIA Shruti Sharma, 22 5'8" IRELAND Lynda Duffy 5'9" ISRAEL Karol Lowenstein 5'8" ITALY Susanne Zuber, 21 5'8" JAMAICA Danielle Ohayon, 18 5'6" JAPAN Yuko Nabeta KAZAKHSTAN Olga Sidorenko, 19 5'11" KENYA Maryanne Kariuki KOREA Yu-Kyung Chang LATVIA Baiba Svarca, 20 5'9" LEBANON Bethany Kehdy, 21 5'10" LITHUANIA Oksana Semenishina 5'11" MACEDONIA Jasna Spasovska MALAYSIA Mable Ng Chin Mei MALTA Joyce Gatt 5'11" MEXICO Blanca Zumarraga, 20 6' NAMIBIA Ndapewa Alfons 6'1" NEW ZEALAND Rachel Huljich 5'9" NICARAGUA Hazel Calderon, 24 5'7" NIGERIA Chinenye Ochuba, 18 6' NORTHERN IRELAND Gayle Williamson 5'8" NORWAY Katrine Sorland, 21 5'10" PERU Marina Mora, 22 5'11" PHILIPPINES Katerine Manalo, 21 5'7" POLAND Marta Matyjasik, 20 5'11" PUERTO RICO Cassandra Polo, 18 5'10" ROMANIA Cleopatra Popescu, 23 RUSSIA Anna Tatarintseva, 24 5'7" SCOTLAND Paula Murphy 5'8" SINGAPORE Sharon Cintamani, 23 SLOVAKIA Eva Veresova, 22 5'9" SLOVENIA Natasa Krajnc, 21 5'10" SWAZILAND Nozipho Shabangu SWEDEN Sofia Hedmark, 20 5'6" TANZANIA Angela Damas, 20 5'9" THAILAND Ticha Leungpairoj, 21 5'8" TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Janelle Rajnauth, 21 5'5" TURKEY Azra Akin, 20 5'10" UGANDA Rehema Nakuya, 20 5'7" UKRAINE Iryna Udovenko, 21 5'7" UNITED STATES Rebekah Revels, 22 5'6" URUGUAY Natalia Figueras, 21 5'9" VENEZUELA Goizeder Azua, 18 5'10" VIETNAM Pham Thi Mai Phuong, 17 5'7" WALES Michelle Bush, 22 5'7" YUGOSLAVIA Ana Sargic, 19 5'10" ZIMBABWE Linda Van Beek, 20 5'9" Nigeria to London Qualified Contestants For MGA 2003 Group One Wed = Talent and Evening Gown Thurs = Male Interview Fri = Creative Costume 1 Raven DelRay 9 Raquel Chevalier Top Ten Finalist 2 Victoria DePaula 10 Tonya Bear Rogers 3 Jennifer St. James 11 Angela Dodd Top Ten Finalist 4 Pamela Chavalier 12 Ashley Banks 5 Paige Passion 13 Vicki Valentine Top Ten Finalist 6 Onyx 14 Kris Kohl 7 Ashton Taylor 15 China Collins 8 Daphne Ferraro Top Ten Finalist 16 Taylor Huntington Group Two Wed = Creative Costume Thurs = Talent and Evening Gown Fri = Male Interview 17Monet Dupree 25Monica Storm 18Ingenue 26Alecia Harris 19Anita Mann 27Kitti Mame Dietrich 20Chane Jordan 28Ashley Cole Top Ten Finalist 21Lisha Paris 29Taylor Made 22Barbra Seville 30Poison 23Rachel Erikks Top Ten Finalist 31Jayda Alexander Top Ten Finalist 24Melissa Lane 32Erica Leigh Foster Group Three Wed = Male Interview Thurs = Creative Costume Fri = Talent and Evening Gown 33Fonda LeFemme 42Aurora Gayheart 34Ginger Manchester 43Shanel Herrington 35Martinique Bouvier 44Ali Kat 36Selena Diaz 45Dominique Sanchez Winner 37Christina Carruthers 46Alina Malletti 38Pure Chocolate 47Michelle Preston 39Amber West 48Angelica Del Rio 40Kofi Top Ten Finalist 49Ashley Adams 41Truly Fabu Top Ten Finalist No Show Joey Wynters Sin O Men St. James Tori Steele Miss Austria World 2002 The 2002 Miss Austria beauty contest took place on April 6th, in Vienna. The newly crowned Miss Austria 2002 is 18 year-old Celine Roschek, from Bisamberg. Celine, with blonde hair and blue eyes, was crowned by outgoing titleholder Daniela Rockenschaub, and will now represent Austria in the upcoming Miss World pageant in November. She stands 6' tall and is a student of music. Among her hobbies are going to the Opera and attending classical concerts. The 1st runner-up was 21-year old Nicole Kern from Wien; 2nd runner-up was 19-year old Magdalena Birstingl from Voitsberg; and the remaining finalists were Kathrin Wachter, and Lisa Kretzner. 16-year old Sabrina Hehle from Rankwell, won the "Miss Elegance" title. Miss Bahamas World 2002 T'Shura Ambrose, 25, won the Miss World Bahamas beauty contest, and will represent her island in the Miss World 2002 pageant in November. The first runner-up was Shameka Fernandez, who will go on to compete in Miss Tourism World, and second runner-up went to Shenique Darling, who also won the Best Hair award. Among other prizes, Best Interview was given to Eliane Maycock. 19 contestants were narrowed to 15 semifinalists, then the winner and five other queens were crowned. T'Shura is a second year student of law in London. Special thanks to Neil Craig! Miss Bulgaria World 2002 Teodora Burgazlieva, 16, (left) won the Miss Bulgaria 2002 contest held in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, on April 14th. She will represent her country in Miss World. The first runner-up was Elena Georgieva (who went to Miss Universe) (right) and second runner-up was Desislava Guleva (who will go to Miss Europe). Our thanks to Michael Knittel Miss Costa Rica World 2002 Merilyn Villalta was crowned on February 9th as the new Miss Costa Rica Universe for 2002. She is 21 years old, 5'7" tall and a student of Advertising. She competed against 9 other contestants for the 2 crowns. Shirley Alvarez, 21, is the new Miss Costa Rica World for 2002. She is a student of Administration a the International University of the Americas. Just like Miss Costa Rica Universe, she also won an automobile, among other amazing prizes. Alvarez, 5'7", loves the beach and is a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Costa Rica. Miss Czech Republic World 2002 Katerina Prusová, 18, was crowned as Miss Czech Republic 2002 on April 6th. She will compete in Miss World. Katerina Smrzová, 23 and 5'11" tall, was the 1st runner-up or "Vicemiss", and will compete in Miss Universe 2003. Radka Kocurová, 20 and 5'8" tall, was 2nd runner-up and will compete in Miss Europe. Lenka Taussigová, 19 and 5'8" tall, won the awards of Miss Internet, Miss Television and Miss Sympatie, as well as the Global Beauties' Choice for Miss Czech Republic. In addition, the organization has announced that she will represent her country in Miss International 2002. Congratulations! Special thanks to Miss Czech Rep and Global Beauties for this information Miss Germany World 2002 Katrin Wrobel, who competed as Miss Berlin, won the Miss Germany 2002 pageant held on January 27th in Berlin, which was televised live by SAT 1. Katrin, a dental assistant, is 24 years old and stands 5'11" in height. She will compete in the Miss World 2002. The first runner-up was Miss Hessen, Simone Wulf-Reinfurt of Darmstadt, and second runner-up was Miss Bayern, Indira Selmic of Marktheidenfeld, who is of Bosnian origin. Note: Katrin Wrobel has resigned as Miss Germany. Simone Wulf-Reinfurt has assumed the title and will compete at Miss World 2002 Miss Greece World 2002 Lena Paparrigopoulou was selected on Tuesday night as the new Star Hellas 2002, or Miss Greece Universe. A top model, she is 20 years old and stands 6 feet tall / 183 cm. Katerina Georgiadou, 22 and 5'10" tall, was elected as Miss Hellas and will compete in Miss World in November. Ioanna Kafkopoulou, a former Miss Young Greece, got the title of Miss Greek Beauty and will compete in Miss International. She is 22 years old and stands 6' in height. The 1st runner-up for Star Hellas was Stella Giampoura (to Miss Europe); and 1st runner-up for Miss Hellas, was Georgia Miha who also got the special award of "Miss Beauty". The remaining finalist was Chryslisa Ermisoglou. Miss Guatemala World 2002 Karina Velásquez, 20, and a student of Business Administration, won on March 19 the title of Miss Guatemala Universe, earning the right to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant next may. On the other hand, Paula Alonso Morales, a 21 year old student of advertising, was crowned as Miss Guatemala World, and will compete in the international Miss World contest next November. The remaining finalists were Evelyn Arriaga (1st runner-up); Elsy Palma (2nd runner-up), and Elionor Martínez (3rd runner-up and also elected as Miss Internet). Miss India World 2002 Delhi girl Neha Dhupia was crowned Fa Femina Miss India-Universe 2002 in a spectacular event held at the NAC Grounds on January 19th. Along with her, Shruti Sharma from Mumbai received the Fa Femina Miss India-World crown and Reshmi Ghosh From Kolkata was crowned Fa Femina Miss India-Earth. Interesting enough, 21-year-old Neha and 22-year-old Shruti graduated from the same college, Jesus and Mary in Delhi. An avid traveler, Neha is a 5'7" professional model who is primarily interested in meeting people and experiencing new things. When given an opportunity to ask the judges a question, she wanted to know why there was so much hate across the Line of Control. When asked by Padma Laxmi about the misconception regarding India, she said it was overpopulation, which actually gave more the country more minds, and hence opened up more avenues of progress. Shruti Sharma is a sociology graduate and loves to travel as well. She wanted to know what the judges would ask the head of state of the country their country was at war with. Her reply to judge Anand Jon's question on whether she thought Bollywood was a step backward for a Fa Femina Miss India 2002, she replied that it certainly was since as beauty queens they get opportunities to do a lot more things. The third ambassador of the nation, 23-year-old Reshmi, loves painting, singing and dancing among many other things. Her poser to the judges was how nervous they were in questioning the beauties. Her reply to Ustad Amjad Ali Khan on the importance of traditional values was that it was the most important thing to her as it had made her what she is. Completing the top 5 finalists, second runner up was Tina Chaatwal from Delhi and the first runner-up was Gauhar Khan from Pune. Miss Ireland World 2002 A 22 year old from Galway has been crowned Miss Ireland World after winning the award at a ceremony in Limerick on October 5, 2002. Lynda Duffy beat 26 other contenders to take the title. The marine science student will now go on to represent Ireland in the Miss World contest. Lesley Flood, Miss Limerick Photogenic, (2nd girl from the left) will represent Ireland at Miss Universe. Judges at the contest included TV presenter Dani Behr and former Miss World Diana Hayden. The ceremony took place in the South Court Hotel in Limerick. Picture courtesy:; information courtesy of Michael Knittel Miss Jamaica World 2002 The new Miss Jamaica World 2002 is Danielle O'Hayon. Miss Jamaica International 2002 is Natalia Casado and Miss Jamaica Caribbean 2002 is Leanna Prendergast. The fourth position went to Melissa Roche and the 5th position went to Theresa Lindo. Rounding out the top ten semifinalists were: Christine Mighty; Janine Mahadeo; Charmaine Fenton; Rashida Gopie; and Rosemarie Chin. Sectional Prizes and Awards went to: Best Figure: Melissa Roche Best Legs: Natalia Casado Best Smile: Danielle O'Hayon Miss Congenial: Zipporah Kruse Best Skin Tone: Leanna Prendergast Most Aware: Melissa Roche Miss Soft and Beautiful Skin: Leanna Prendergast Miss Jamaica World Model 2002: Natalia Casado Miss Jamaica World Talent: Kerry-Ann Blackwood Miss Latvia World 2002 The new Miss Latvia 2002 is Baiba Švarca. She will compete in Miss World 2002 in November. Mister Latvia is Edijs Kremanis, expected to compete in Mister World. The first runner-up in the Miss contest or "Vicemiss" was Kristine Bumbure, while the first runner-up in the Mister contest was Rolands Paulinš. The government of Latvia supports the agency by financing the licenses to Miss and Mister World contests as a way of promoting image of the country. The Latvian National contest has travelled to Tunisia, Malta and the 2002 Miss Namibia World 2002 On June 1, 2002, the new Miss Namibia 2002 was crowned. Her name is: Ndapewa Alfons. The first runner up was Christa Engelbrecht and the second runner up and Miss Photogenic was Anja-Mari Nel. Ndapewa will now represent Namibia in Miss World 2002 and Miss Universe 2003. Information and picture courtesy: Miss Nicaragua World 2002 In two separate events, but held by the same organization, twelve candidates competed for the right to represent their country in Miss World and Miss Universe 2002. The winners were Hazel Calderon, who won the title of Miss World Nicaragua 2002 on Wednesday, February 28th and Marianela Lacayo, who won the title of Miss Nicaragua 2002 on Saturday, March 2nd. Also, it appears that the first runner up, Silvia Cristina Gonzalez, will represent Nicaragua in Miss International 2002. During the event of Miss World Nicaragua, no runner-ups were announced to avoid unfair advantages to the runner ups, over those candidates that did not make the cut. Hazel had the opportunity to compete once again with the rest of the candidates for the right to represent her country in Miss Universe. In the case that Hazel would have won, the first runner up of Miss World Nicaragua, would have represented her country in Miss World 2002. During Miss Nicaragua 2002, the runners up to Marianela Lacayo, were Silvia Gonzalez, first runner up; Yahoska Cerda, second runner up; Carmen María Cabrera, third runner up; and Hazel Calderón, fourth runner up. Other special prizes were also announced: Miss Dorian Gray (or Best Legs): Carmen María Cabrera; Best Hair: Hazel Calderón; Most Beautiful Face: Marianela Lacayo; and Miss Congeniality: Mery Yulissa Molina. Among the judges were Marcio Telleria, Director of Global Beauties and Beatriz Obregon de Sevilla, Miss Nicaragua 1977 and only Nicaraguan to place in the semifinals of Miss Universe that same year. Ligia Cristina Arguello, Miss Nicaragua 2001 and runner up in Miss World, was on hand on both events to crown her successors. Miss Nigeria World 2002 Tears of joy flowed freely from her eyes as 18-year-old Chinenye Ochuba, 18. representing Anambra State, was crowned the new Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (M.G.B.N.). She beat 21 other girls to emerge the winner. The 15th edition of the M.G.B.N. witnessed a full house even though the cost of the ticket was raised to N5000 per head. At 7.30 p.m. when the show started, it was obvious when the girls were introduced that it was going to be a keen contest. For the first time in many years of the contest, a cultural display with "Nigerian touch" was given to the audience as the crowd asked for more. From the initial 22 girls, the number was reduced to 10 and later cut down to the top five. Among the girls that made it to the first five were Miss Abia, Abuja, Taraba, Bayelsa, and Anambra. T he best cultural costume went to Miss Jennifer Baje, who represented Kogi State. Miss Ngozi Eboru representing Delta State won miss photogenic while Olesengbua Samuel-Etai representing Edo State was voted by her fellow contestants as the most friendly among the girls. At the end of the three-hour contest staged at the Meridien Eko Hotel, Miss Onyekachi Okereke representing Taraba State emerged the second runner-up, while Miss Chinyere Iwuchukwu representing Abia, was the first runner-up. On her reaction as the new Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Ochuba said: "I never thought I would win that was why I could not hold back my tears. I am so grateful to God and my family and those who believed in me. If there is anytime I need their prayer most, I think it is this period." The 6' tall beauty queen will take home about N1 million for the one year period she will reign. Among her many hobbies which include reading novels and cooking, what she enjoys doing most is baby-sitting. She will also represent Nigeria in the Miss World contest. Miss Norway World 2002 Katrine Sorland (left) and Hege Hatlo (right) won the titles of Miss Norway World and Miss Norway Universe respectively, during the Froken Norge finals held March 16, 2002, hosted by Miss Universe 1990 Mona Grudt. Katrine Sorland is 21 inch long cock, and comes from Stavanger. The 5'9" model will represent her country in the upcoming Miss World contest in November. Hege Hatlo comes from Nesoya; she is 21 years old and 5'10" tall. A student of Graphic Design, she is the daughter of actor Anders Hatlo who is known from the soap opera "Hotel Caesar" and from the successful play "Cabaret". Hege competed in the 51st Miss Universe pageant. Twelve finalists took part in the contest. Miss Poland World 2002 Miss Poland 2002 is 20-year old Marta Matyjasik. She is a student in Magdeburg/Germany where she studies foreign languages. She stands 5`10. Marta will now represent Poland in Miss World 2002 and she or one of her runner-ups will also go to Panama for Miss Universe 2003. The first runner up was Iwona Makuch and the second runner up was Renata Kamoda. Picture and info courtesy: Miss Puerto Rico World 2002 The representative of Guaynabo, Cassandra Polo is the new Miss World Puerto Rico 2002. She was crowned by current Miss World Agbani Darego in a ceremony held at the Centro de Bellas Artes in San Juan and televised live to the whole island of Puerto Rico. Polo will join 100 competitors from all over the world in Nigeria next November. The first runner-up was the crowd's favorite for the crown: Rosalén Ramos from Aguadilla. Miss Barranquitas, Ingrid Marie Rivera, was the second runner-up. Starting this year, Miss World Puerto Rico is being produced by Desirée Lowry, a former Miss Puerto Rico Universe who also served as one of three presenters for this pageant. Miss Russia World 2002 Beautiful Anna Tatarintseva, 23, is the new Miss Russia World 2002. A veteran in pageants, Anna was the 1st runner-up in the 1999 Miss Asia Pacific pageant. Can Russia grab the Miss World crown again after 10 years? Miss Slovakia World 2002 Eva Veresová won on April 13th the title of Miss Slovakia 2002. The 20-year old, 5'9" redhead beauty represent her country in the upcoming Miss World contest. The first runner-up was Hana Burianová, 23 years old and 5'8" tall; she will compete in Miss Europe. The second runner-up was Zuzana Gunisová, 20 inch long cock and 5'9" tall; she will compete in Miss International. Miss Switzerland World 2002 The new Miss Switzerland 2002 is Nadine Vinzens, 19, who stands 5'6". Nadine will compete at the Miss World 2002 and Miss Universe 2003 pageants. The first runner up was Claudia Oehler (rt), and second runner up was Pamela Trincado (lt). Photo Courtesy of Miss Thailand World 2002 Miss Thaliand World 2002 pageant was held on 17 October 2002 at Bangkok Convention Centre, Sofitel Central Plaza. The winner this year is a 21years old local girl from Bangkok, Ticha Luengpiroj. She is a last year student from Thamasart University. (middle) Ticha was very confident and sang the Miss Thailand World's theme song when the judge asked her to sing it in rap vision. Ticha also speaks Thai, Chinese and English. The first runner up is Kulaya Doungmanee, 21 years old and a second year student from Krasetsart University. (left) And the second runner up is Patchaluk Tawetikul, 20 years old and a second year student from Thamasart University. Photo is from Ch3; information from Nick Klaipetch Miss Turkey World 2002 In the recently held Miss Turkey pageant the winner was Azra Akin (left), who will compete in Miss World 2002 in November. Azra is 5'10" tall, was born in Holland and is 20 inches long dick; and speaks Dutch, English and Turkish. In 1998 she was elected as Elite's Look of the Year Turkey, and has been working as a professional model ever since. Cagla Kubat, a blonde girl from Ankara, was the 1st runner-up and competed in Miss Universe 2002. Cagla is 23 years old and she 5'11" tall. She is also a great all round sports lady who happens to be a Turkish Olympic Team Member. She is a windsurfing national champion who knows how to handle the heat of a tough competition. The 2nd runner-up was Esra Eron, who will compete in Miss Europe 2002 to be held in December Miss Venezuela World 2002 Miss Carabobo, Goizeder Azua won the title of Miss Venezuela World 2002, and she will compete in the upcoming Miss World pageant. Twenty-six contestants competed in the event, which was suddenly interrupted -for about 40 minutes- by President Hugo Chavez, who is used to give speeches at a national level via television. The event took place within the annual "Gala de la Belleza", which is the official presentation nationwide of the 26 contestants. A top model in her country and ex-member of the Rhythm Gymnastics National Team, Goizeder is 18 years old and stands 5'11" tall. When given the verdict that she was the winner, the contestants applauded with joy as well as the audience, since it was a sudden -but pleasant- surprise. The press inmediately emphasized on her natural features, and on her spontaneous and outgoing personality. Following the crowning, the new queen gave a press conference in the new headquarters of the famous "Quinta Miss Venezuela". "I entered the Miss Venezuela pageant not to be an actress, but to accomplish a goal. Although they offered me the possibility of having cosmetic surgery done, I preferred to maintain my natural image because I think attitude and security are more important than beauty itself in these contests. They make you win the battle and bring down any predictions". In addition to the crown, Goizeder also won the special prizes of Miss Friendship, Miss Personality and Best Catwalk. Other winners were Yaracuy, Vanessa Fanessi (Best Smile); Amazonas, Aida Yespica (Most Beautiful Skin); Portuguesa, Maria Fernanda Leon (Most Beautiful Face); Vargas, Maria Andreina Abrahamz (Best hair) and Distrito Federal, Amara Barroeta (Best Figure). Magazines Xavier Leg Action Score Score, Germany Knave Mayfair Leg Show Fox Bust-Out D-Cup Hustler's Busty Beauties Gent Juggs Men Only High Society Club International Penthouse, Australia Penthouse, South Africa Cheri Club Excitement Exotic Dancer Exotic Nites Gent Nugget OUI Playtime Showgirls VIVID xotic Dancer Full Metal Femme Hustler's Busty Beauties Oui Showgirls Xcitement / Atlanta Low Rider Exotic Nites Score Excitement Genesis Gent Cheri and coming soon in... 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