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Vibrators are the most common and the most useful sex toy. They provide "high frequency low amplitude stimulation" which means "fast and gentle" and that's just what a clitoris wants!

Dildos are artificial penises which have the advantages over real penises of staying hard indefinitely and being available in whatever size and shape you want. The majority of lifelike dildos are made of latex rubber, though new materials like silicone rubber and "jelly" rubber mean that new ones are improving in texture all the time. Hard dildos can be made of metal, plastic and glass. Glass has the advantage of being easy to clean and sterilize and is very smooth and slippery when lubricated. Dildos are usually used by inserting them into the vagina to simulate intercourse. It's lovely to feel filled up with a dildo while employing a vibrator on the clitoris.

Things to consider when selecting your vibrator are: price (and price of batteries), noisy or quiet, waterproof for bath-tub fun and easy cleaning, size (if you want to insert it into your vagina), aesthentic appeal, disguise (a pen that happens to vibrate will cause fewer blushes at the airport luggage check than an erect penis shape complete with veins). Here are some vibrators that I recommend. Follow the links to buy them discreetly at this online shop without having to brave your local high street store. They range in price from just under $10 to just over $100.

Mains powered / rechargeable Battery powered
Small with external battery pack Waterproof vibrators
Disguised vibrators Rotating shaft with clitoral vibrator
Slightly different...

If you are still not sure which vibrator to buy, Good Vibrations: The New Complete Guide to Vibrators may help.

You don't need a dildo to have an orgasm, so don't consider buying one until you have chosen your vibrator. Here a range of shapes, sizes, colors and materials:

You will probably want a good supply of lubricant if you buy a dildo. These two are popular and water soluble.

Other things

Sybian orgasm machine for women
The Sybian is an awesome machine. It is way more than a vibrator and it is so effective that a whole new genre of pornography has grown up around it, just showing women riding the machines to orgasm after orgasm. It costs a lot of money at around $1350, but it's great value! If you have the cash, you can buy a Sybian.

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