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Free porn galleries for your website

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Why you need these galleries
Original content converts visitors into cash far more effectively than tired pictures that everybody has seen a dozen times already... here are some high quality and COMPLETELY ORIGINAL* images complete with thumbnails which you may use FREE OF CHARGE for whatever you want so long as you comply with the intention of the simple terms below.

* How do I know they are original? I took the photos myself!

What each gallery contains
Simply download the compressed zip file and decompress it (download and use Winzip if you don't already have suitable software). Each zip file contains a ready to use gallery made up of 15 big image files, 15 small thumbnails image files and a ready made html page which displays the thumbnails as links to the big images. It is ready to use.

What you have to do
You can simply add your own advert banners and links to the html page and upload it to your website. It's that simple, and it's FREE!

So what's the catch?
There is no unpleasant catch - but I do require that you leave my adverts in place on any pages that link to images supplied by Orgasmaniacs. They are already included in the gallery html files, so there is no extra work for you. You are just not allowed to remove or alter them. All banners will be served from our website, so they won't increase your bandwidth costs.


You must be at least 18 years old.

You must not allow children or anyone younger than 18 years of age to view this material.

Orgasmaniacs images must not be used in any way connected with child pornography or depictions of rape.

The Orgasmaniacs images should not be used in connection with or to promote any illegal or significantly immoral actions or business.

No removing my Orgasmaniacs advert links partially or completely!

No commenting them out!

No altering my links or editing any part of the adverts' URLs or query strings. The links must work exactly as in the original page.

No trying to hide my Orgasmaniacs adverts or make them less prominent by resizing, altering any colors or background colors, covering them with another layer, positioning them on a part of the page not initially visible without scrolling or by any other dastardly technique!

You may include as many of your own adverts as you want and change the page layout as you want, so long as the Orgasmaniacs advert is at least as prominent as it is in the original page.

You may submit your page to any TGP (thumbnail gallery post), search engine or other promotional tool you like. In fact you can promote your site however you like, except for spamming (sending unsolicited e-mail) or posting to news groups or forums which are not specifically for advertising your type of site.

You may alter the images as you see fit (for example, resizing or superimposing your URL onto the image), but you agree that Orgasmaniacs will be the copyright holder of any image you produce that contain portions reconizable as from original Orgasmaniacs images and that these terms also apply to such images. The logo must remain visible and clearly readable.

You may split the images between several pages so long as each and every page that links to a Orgasmaniacs image contains a Orgasmaniacs advert.

You should take steps to prevent any other page from linking to any of these images or copies of any image derived in whole or in part from any of these images if that page do not also include an Orgasmaniacs advert. (Put simply, don't allow other people to be bandwidth thieves by linking directly to these images). The idea is that a web surfer should not be able to view any images provided by Orgasmaniacs without being shown at least one Orgasmaniacs advert.

If you want to alter the Orgasmaniacs advert in a way forbidden by these terms and you think it is not too detrimental to the effectiveness of the Orgasmaniacs advert, please check with us. Reasonable requests will be accepted gladly.

Thanks for using Orgasmaniacs

Remember to SUBMIT YOUR GALLERIES to the Orgasmaniacs Thumbnail Gallery Post to promote your pages as soon as you have set them up. (You may want to bookmark this page).

Click the thumbnails below for samples, then download the zip files for each gallery. All models are 18 years of age or older.

You can view an example gallery here.

The files are password protected - you need to login with these details when prompted:

usename: kiss
password: fish

Nadia, Sammy and Susie Added October 2003      usename: kiss password: fish   


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